Sometimes you would need a test yours smart contract on testing environment that very close to the production. Yes, you already checked on testrpc, but it's not a 100% compatible with production ethereum network (and, sometimes it could be pretty unstable). No, testrpc is really great for development and i like it, but i prefer alway do integration and manual tests on other environment.

That i've created preconfigured docker-compose repository with configured Parity node for private network.

It have ten predefined and unlocked accounts (what could be handy to running tests via truffle on the node) with 1000 ether on each.

So, you only need Docker and Docker Compose installed before you run the Parity node.

Here is a quick guide:

  1. Install Docker and docker-compose
  2. Clone the repository with preconfigured Parity node
  3. In the root of cloned repo run: docker-compose up
  4. Generate new token to access ui: sh (a version for Windows will be added a bit later, but you could run the command in script manually inside the docker container)
  5. Thats it - you could access the ui of the node via http://docker-ip:8180